Stéphane Bura

War and Peace

The One-Button Civilization



War and Peace is a one-button 2-minute game that replicates the major game mechanisms found in Civilization.
As in Civilization, you have to choose carefully which technologies you research, when to build up your cities and when to be more aggressive, depending on which kind of victory you're shooting for (conquest, domination, or spaceship). You just do it with a single button.


DOWNLOAD GAME (PC version only)



No installation needed. Just launch the game to play.

Press any button or any key to switch between WAR and PEACE modes.

Back button and backspace return to menu.
Escape quits the game.

Press F4 to switch between fullscreen and windowed modes.
Press F9 to save a screenshot.

Compatible with Microsoft Xbox game pad.


Source Code

The Game Maker source code for this game is available under a GNU General Public Licence :