Stéphane Bura


Freelance Designer and Game Writer
Creative Director

Agile methodology - 3+ years as a Scrum Product Owner
Artificial Intelligence, Interactive storytelling, RPG writer
Programming, Game design theory for innovation



Game design teaching at Supinfogame - French videogame design & production school - and at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Active in the game design community - Talks at various conferences, Game Design Workshop & Project Horseshoe member

Published on Gamasutra

Member of the IGDA Game Developers Choice Awards 2007 advisory board

Contributor to David Perry on Game Design book

Contributor to the guide of the video game exposition at La Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie


Freelance Game Designer

Since 1982, freelance work for boardgames, role-playing games and card games, among which:

Freelance writer for game magazines: Casus Belli, Dragon, Lotus Noir, Backstab, Chroniques d'Outre-Monde, Graal, etc.

Numerous playtesting credits




Fluent in French (native) and English.


Design Skills



Architecture, myths, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, the cultural aspect of games, improvisational theater, science fiction and fantasy writing, comics, videogames, tabletop role-playing games, boardgames, collectible card games, puzzles, TV series writing.

Mensa member.

I am the proud winner of a Tales of the Beanworld Do-It-Yourself contest and here's the spoilerish certificate that proves it.